"The groupie is just a girl who loves music and loves to be around the people who make it. She is the fan that takes it to the next level to experience the whole shebang." – Pamela Des Barres

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Vogue US May 1973
“July-Forth Finds: The Now and Future Things”
Model: Uschi Obermaier
ph: Richard Avedon

Cyrinda Foxe & Steven Tyler

"During a break on the Norfolk Broads with Lindy, Roger and Judy."

[[our scan]]

Keith Moon & Annette Walter-Lax, 1976.

Pattie Boyd photographed with The Rolling Stones, 1964. 

Anonymous said:
which couples are the best? you girls truly believe they loved each other very much.

shirley and charlie watts, linda and paul mccartney, yoko ono and john lennon, dorothy and ray manzarek, linda lawrence and donovan, every pink floyd couple, heather and roger daltrey, charlotte martin and jimmy page, maureen and john paul jones, barbara bach and ringo starr, olivia and george harrison, karen astley and pete townshend, kim and ian mclagan & patti hansen and keith richards.

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littlestarfucker said:
i have never heard anything about Keith and Cyrinda, what do you guys know about them?

only one source said they hooked up but it might be a rumour as she was a big Stones fan but there is no legitimate evidence of them actually hooking up.

Dana Gillespie and Angie Bowie, c. 1970s [x]

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