"The groupie is just a girl who loves music and loves to be around the people who make it. She is the fan that takes it to the next level to experience the whole shebang." – Pamela Des Barres

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Anonymous said:
Can you make a post about David Bowie's girlfriend Ava Cherry?


Anonymous said:
I've heard pamela say how it was much easier back then bc you could basically walk backstage but today theres way more security so its harder to be a groupie. would've been fun to live in that time though

that’s very true. and agreed!

Anonymous said:
do you consider groupies to be muses? sorry for my bad english

some groupies (such as catherine james and chris o’dell) are muses, just as some girlfriends are muses. It varies.

ballion said:
I interpret Marianne's reply to Alexa Chung's - incredibly embarrassing - question as either "You wouldn't believe the kind of lyrics I wrote about the break-up/heartbreak" or literally "Don't believe the lyrics the other person wrote about you/don't let them make you feel bad". It's never crossed my mind that Marianne ISN'T over Mick. That relationship ended 45 years ago and is such a small part of her love life.

That’s a good interpretation and probably the correct one, thank you for sharing. 


In 1965, Linda Lawrence met a new folk-rock musician and friend of Brian’s [Jones], Donovan [Leitch], on the set of Ready, Steady, Go!. They began an on/off relationship that lasted five years (while Donovan had two children with another girlfriend, Enid Stulberger), as Linda was wary of becoming steady girlfriend to a pop star once again. Linda was muse to many of his late 60s songs. [x]

I wrote it for Linda, although I hadn’t really met her yet. It is a song of unrequited love, yet I hadn’t really met her, so how could I miss her? And I seem to write prophetic songs in the sense of the Celtic poet and I wrote this song before I met Linda, of a love I would like to have had and lost." - Donovan about his song ‘Catch the Wind’

Linda’s in all the songs. ‘Sunshine Superman,’ ‘Hampstead Incident,’ ‘Young Girl Blues’… Linda’s the muse." - Donovan

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With Alain Ronay,  Saint Leu D’Esserent - Paris
June 1971. 

Anonymous said:
missmaggiemgill is totally right. of course there are groupies/special friends/muses but people need to let go of the idea that things can be exactly like they were in the 60s/70s. today being a groupie is more about supporting/loving your artist and making a name for yourself as a fan to maybe get their attention or become acquainted with them. stand out, be genuine, that will get artists attention. xxx

agreed! and yeah, with the bad rep groupies are stereotyped with a lot of modern groupies probably don’t make their groupie status too public.

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